Our Work

Our Work


It’s about the ocean. Her moods impose a special challenge upon those who build there, and impart special rewards to those who live there.


Homes by Sisson specializes in building one-of-a-kind seaside properties. Working with some of the world’s most distinguished residential architects, the result is a level of quality uniquely ours.


We’ve built our business on innovation. We thrive on creating extraordinary solutions to unique problems; it is the foundation of our reputation and the cornerstone of our success.


Imagination and craftsmanship ensure that the finish and fittings perfectly befit your coastal retreat.

On Track

All aspects of engineering, design and permitting are accomplished by our company insuring a smooth process and keeping your project on track.


Financial responsibility is a must. Careful budgeting and wise investments in quality products are among the most important services we provide.


What you cannot see is as important as what you can. Building in our demanding coastal environment requires careful selection of high-quality materials made to endure.


Bring great people and great ideas together and exceptional things result. Allow us to show you where we might bring you: Home.